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The poster child of Ed Reform.

In August of 2012, CNBC interviewed David Brain, the head of a major investment trust about the seemingly new phenomena of parental interest in charter schools and investment portfolios related to charter schools...

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What really goes on behind closed doors?

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Impressive statements that don’t reflect the facts

Stand for Children is one of the many non-profit organizations funded by the Gates Foundation that offers a constant barrage of reasons to keep Common Core and testimony about how well it is working, but none of it ever relates to actual facts derived from actual data.

Of course, the link in the tweet made...

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Mike Kreamer announces candidacy for BESE District 7

M-Kreamer Pic 4092Mike Kreamer, a public servant, both in the classroom and as an administrator of Louisiana education for over 32 years and life-long resident of Lafayette, LA has announced his candidacy for the District 7, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“Educators will have a voice…Students and parents will be ...

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Stand for what? A t-shirt and lunch? Yeah!

On Wednesday, May 13th, the Education Committee of the Louisiana House of Representatives heard Rep. Brett Geymann’s bill HB-373 along with a few other bills considered to be “Anti-Common Core,” including HB-672 offered by Rep. Lance Harris which was first on the agenda.

In the first of what would prove...

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The Death of the American Dream

The death of the American dream. That sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t completely dead. It’s just that the likelihood of the average American achieving the American dream, along with financial freedom, has been reduced to almost impossible...

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The head of the snake speaks…

LABI has launched a full-on attack on teachers by lobbying for what they refer to as the “paycheck protection bill” which would make it illegal for teacher, policemen and fireman to use payroll deduction to pay their union dues...

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Get to know the Louisiana BESE Board.

This is information that every resident of Louisiana needs to know, but I am especially hoping that the folks who blindly support Common Core (CCSS) and say getting rid of Common Core would be a step backwards will see CCSS for what it is…a blatant attempt to disassemble public education and replace it with p...

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What are Common Core Standards?


“We must raise the expectations for our students, for our schools and for ourselve to prevent other nations from out-competing us.”-Barack Obama’s Blueprint for Reform, March 2010

Faulty Reasoning

Based on the incorrect assumption that global rankings in standardized tests identifies the fau...

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