Do Not Allow LABI Candidates To Win!

FlipBESEWe can’t avoid it. The October elections will be here before you know it. Any person who wishes to run for office in this election is required to qualify in September. While some have yet to announce their candidacy, we are starting to see incumbents gearing up their campaigns and a few challengers making announcements. One sure indicator that the race is on is the Louisiana Association of Business and Industries’ list of candidate endorsements.

LABI is notorious for pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars of support into the campaigns of candidates who support their agenda, namely fewer taxes and more tax breaks for business and industry and education reform. What is LABI’s interest in education reform? They support the destruction of teacher unions, bashing of teachers, over-testing of students and the dismantling of public education in favor of charter schools all for the purpose of converting citizens’ tax dollars into corporate profit with no accountability or transparency to the tax payer. Essentially, taxation without representation.

The purpose of this blog is not only to educate the public on which candidates are being endorsed by LABI and shouldn’t not be voted for, but to also shed light on what has taken place since the last legislative session.

The words “Common Core” are no longer a part of the ed reformer’s vocabulary. Each and every person who fought for Common Core, fought to keep it and declared a win with the passing of HB-373, is now supporting the review and development of Louisiana’s own High Standards. Why? Because Common Core was only the vehicle to get what they wanted. It wasn’t working, so now they are going along with the plan, but make no mistake, their goal is to still create unattainable standards to be tested with invalid assessments to create failing schools to replace with charter schools that have absolutely no proven record of success.

For example, the current BESE member from District 7, Holly Boffy, has fought for Common Core from day one. She was a LABI endorsed candidate that spent $187,000 for an elected position that receives no salary. She fought to keep Common Core. The wrote letters to Governor Jindal asking him not to withdraw from Common Core. She joined a lawsuit to prevent Governor Jindal from withdrawing from Common Core. She publicly ridiculed parents who opposed Common Core, and she refuses to respond to phone calls and emails from constituents who oppose her views on Common Core.

I’ve taken time to mention this, because she is currently making the rounds to the news media to show her support of the “Standards Review Process,” as well as the steps and timeline created by HB-373. This is the same bill and process that she was adamantly against. She is using this opportunity to make television appearances so that her face and name will be more recognizable.

Below is the list of BESE candidates endorsed by LABI for the October elections. I am also listing the People’s choice. You can also visit Flip BESE to learn more about the candidates and find links to their pages.


District LABI’s Choice People’s Choice
District 1 Jim Garvey Lee Barrios
District 2 Kira Orange-Jones Kara Washington
District 3 Lottie Beebe
District 4 Mary Harris
District 5 Johnny Fatheree
District 6 Jason France
District 7 Holly Boffy Mike Kreamer
District 8 Jada Lewis Carolyn Hill