BESE Candidates Financial Standings 30 days prior to election.

BESEThursday, September 24th, was the deadline for all candidates to file their finances 30 days prior to the primary election which will be held on October 24th. We thought it would be helpful to see where these candidates stand and to illustrate the extent to which certain entities will go to continue the destruction of the public education system and those who are dedicated to it.

The following information only includes contributions since the last filing at 180 days prior and the amount of money on hand going into the last 30 days of the campaign. For some, this is actually their first filing. In addition, we thought it best to indicate candidates who are new to politics and the money received from Lane Grigsby and known associates of his cause. The sole purpose of this is to bring awareness to the public of the enormous efforts and spending that is taking place. All of the information below was retrieved from the Louisiana Campaign Ethics website. If you would like to confirm, or view, any of this information, yourself, you can visit the link below.

Cash on Hand # of donations from  people # of donations from business/PACs
District 1
Lee Barrios $2886.44 26 0
James Garvey $218,460.14 6 3
District 2
Kira Orange-Jones $102,531.19 0 0
Kara Washington No filing
District 3
Lottie Beebe $3,101.64 8 1
Sandy Holloway $45,637.51 21 7
Holloway received $1000 from Chuck Kleckley PACs, $10,000 from Grigsby et al and $35,000 from PACs.
District 4
Mary Johnson Harris $5,309.10 34 1
Glynis Johnston $286.55 9 4
Tony Davis 0 0 0
Davis is CEO of a Chamber of Commerce and has no money. The 10 days prior filings will be interesting.
District 5
Johnny Fatheree $991.71 3 0
Gary Jones 0 0 0
Jones is a former school superintendent will probably be supported by LABI.
District 6
Kathy Edmonston $42,762.00 16 4
Jason Engen 0 0 0
Jason France $44.50 14 0
Etta Licciardi $3,153.19 0 0
Laree Taylor $20,495.00 5 0
Engen and Licciardi are likely dropouts. Taylor is the LABI pick. $20,500 received from Grigsby et al.
District 7
Holly Boffy $93,921.04 8 4
Mike Kreamer $5,152.87 47 1
District 8
Carolyn Hill $2,959.72 20 11
Jada Lewis $70,944.60 19 5
Lewis received $29,000 from Grigsby et al and $50,000 from PACs.


Based on the information provided in this table, there are a few glaring things that we’d like to point out.

  • Any candidate who has tens of thousands of dollars in a campaign for an office that receives no compensation has an ulterior motive and is being supported by organizations that do not have the interests of children in mind.
  • Mike Kreamer (district 7) and Mary Johnson Harris (district 4) lead the way with 47 and 34 contributions from ACTUAL people. This is a sign of true support from the people in their districts.
  • James Garvey (district 1) and Holly Boffy (district 7) lead the way with the largest dollar amounts and fewest contributions from ACTUAL people. This is an indication of support from those pushing the agenda.

The fine folks at Flip BESE have done a fine job of identifying candidates in each district who are dedicated to saving the public school system, improving student outcomes and the overall success of our children. After you have chosen your candidates, based on the information provided here, please visit Flip BESE using the links below to see how your choices compare.

Block The Agenda
Save Our Schools!