BESE: The Elitist Mentality

This morning, Thursday October 22, Lane Grigsby of Baton Rouge, and his billionaire buddies, Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad, began running their negative campaign ads. For the last 72 hours of the campaign, the bulk of their money will be spent switching from ads that support their candidate to ads that degrade their opponents. Grigsby with his Empower Louisiana PAC received donations from Michael Bloomberg, Eli Broad, Bill Gates and Alice Walton in excess of $2 million. The stated purpose of the PAC is to support Holly Boffy, Jim Garvey, Sandy Holloway and Tony Davis in their bids for BESE districts 7, 1, 3 and 4. To date, they have spent in excess of $1 million on television advertising in these districts. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, right here and in this previous blog.

Now, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur, a genius, or even a college graduate to know that there are only two reasons that people, especially billionaires, make cash investments.

1.) A return on investment in the form of profit.

2.) A return on investment in the form of power.

We at BTA believe this is a case of both. These billionaire elitists are making every possible attempt to control our public education system via the non-compensated BESE board seats, and what will follow, if they are successful, is control of our children via their education. Is this what you want?

These efforts are bipartisan, and they truly believe that the world order should be controlled by the people with money, and the rest of us should be minions. They have attempted to garner Republican support by reporting that the opponents of their candidates have accepted contributions from teacher unions that support Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood. Well, that is ironic because Hillary Clinton is in favor of their efforts and Michael Bloomberg is the single largest donor to Planned Parenthood at $50 million. Broad and Bloomberg, together, have contributed millions of dollars to enact “gun-control” legislation in various states. As mayor of NYC, Bloomberg violated the civil rights of his constituents by implementing a “stop and frisk” policy which is racial profiling at its finest.

flip-side2cThese people must be stopped. Please help by sharing this blog with everyone you know. Friends, family and neighbors all need to know. We have to show these elitists that money doesn’t buy everything, and the voting power of the people make a real difference. We humbly ask that you support the “People’s Choice” in your district. All of the candidates listed in the graphic on the left are opposed to Common Core Standards, or a rebrand, and Charter Schools. They support local control of public schools and the right for parents to make decisions about their child’s education.

You can learn more about each of the candidates listed by visiting FlipBESE’s website and/or their FaceBook Page. FlipBESE is an organized group of parents, educators and community members with various political affiliations working together to stop the takeover of our schools. They are not an extension of any special interest group, including teacher unions, and have spent zero dollars in their grassroots effort.