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Curious Connections in Calcasieu, Part 1

cpsb-pencil_w300     If you have been following the Block The Agenda posts, then you know that it is our intention to raise the general public’s awareness regarding the highly financed efforts to reform education in Louisiana. We welcome guest writers regarding these issues as long as the content can be easily verified...

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BESE District 7: Don’t let the tyranny continue.

Warning! The following blog is long, but the information is critical to saving our educational system. Please do your best to read it through to the end.

beseFor those of you who don’t know what BESE is, or its purpose, I’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms without getting too bogged down in the details...

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Do Not Allow LABI Candidates To Win!

FlipBESEWe can’t avoid it. The October elections will be here before you know it. Any person who wishes to run for office in this election is required to qualify in September...

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